Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huf Haus

This short post will introduce you to a company you may have never heard of!  Huf Haus is going to celebrate its 100th birthday next year – and I’m lighting a candle for it.

Richard and Michèle had their home put up on their prepared site in Montreaux in a matter of days!  While prefabricated homes are becoming more common, Huf Haus homes go beyond the usual with an integrated post-and-beam structure, solar panels, and double to triple-paned windows everywhere.  Huf Haus has merged art and engineering, with a green twist.  You can enjoy their website here.

Richard and Michèle's home - front view
The home came with everything built in: cabinets, sinks, electrical outlets, heater vents, and electric shades that operate without a sound.  The house is well-insulated and airtight so it maintains its temperature.  Not to mention it is open, airy and has great views out every direction!

Richard and Michèle's home - side view
Unlike some prefab houses, you can design your own house so it is unique - within certain constraints of the system of course.  The entire structure is built in a factory and then shipped in pieces to your site.  You stay away while the team does their job, and then in about five days you have a house!

While Huf Haus began in Germany, you can see from their website they are rapidly expanding to other countries.  I guess people need a place to put all their IKEA furniture!

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