Thursday, July 14, 2011

Propitious beginnings

Thank you, dear Jillian, for arriving at our house at 5:15 am to take us to the Flagstaff airport.  That was a great beginning to our adventure!  All was going well until our first flight was cancelled (mechanical issues, ahem) and we rerouted via taxi to Phoenix and are now waiting for our flight to Boston.

So we all know the world isn't fair, and that the rich get richer, but what you didn't know is I can experience "crossing over" to the other side.  It is rather bizarre since I am such a rampant socialist.  But Darrell has accumulated enough miles that he has silver status (not just silver hair) and often gets bumped to first class.  He also has the privilege of using airport lounges - you know the ones we usually just walk by since we know we aren't invited.  So there we are now.  Complimentary internet, coffee, continental breakfast, and we could probably get a bloody mary if we felt like it!

Here is Darrell in the airport lounge in Phoenix - getting ready for a tough day by reading "Executive Golfer" and "Luxury Spa" magazines!  Definitely not the Darrell I am used to - mucking around in Alaskan lakes - but I guess we all need to be adaptable!