Saturday, September 10, 2011

Butterfly Garden at Insel Mainau

Whenever I see a butterfly I think of my good friend Amber.  And so, this post is for her, but if you like butterflies, orchids, or just any kind of wonderful life, this is for you too!

The botanic gardens at Insel Mainau (last post) had a special enclosed area with a butterfly garden.  You had to enter through hanging beads that discouraged the butterflies from leaving their special garden.  A winding path with arched bridges took you through a variety of flowers and shrubs that appealed to many different species of butterfly.  It was warm and moist with a waterfall and a delightful stream as well.

And this is just a small sample of the butterflies there.  They flit so quickly I couldn't get great photos.  It was a wonderful feeling to have them brush right near you as they flew by!

My favorite part though, geek that I am, was the chrysalis display.  If I had more patience I probably could have found one that was ready to emerge - but you will just have to be content with the hanging, and occasionally twitching, chrysalises!

These pictures just show two small sections of the well-labeled rack.  It made me happy to see so much gentle life all in one place.  Viva la butterflies!

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