Monday, August 8, 2011

Trip to Oeschinensee

Last Wednesday, on one of our rare sunny days, Darrell got the opportunity to go with a professor and two of his graduate students to a stunning alpine lake, Oeschinensee.  I wasn't able to go on this trip, but I had Darrell forward me the photos so you can see some of the gorgeous mountain scenery I am sure you are expecting from a Swiss blog.

Well-practiced Swiss playing the alphorn
The alphorn (or alpenhorn or alpine horn) is made of wood and is used mountain dwellers in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.  I am paraphrasing wikipedia for part of this.  The horn was originally made from a naturally bent piece of soft wood, like from a spruce trying to grow upright on a steep mountain slope!   There are surviving artifacts from 1400 AD and they were most likely used as signal instruments in village communities.  Below is a picture of a farmer calling to his cattle.  I was struck by the similarity to the picture Darrell took!

Photo from Wikipedia article on alphorns
Here is the gorgeous lake.  There were hikers going all around it as well as boats you could rent to go out on the lake.

No wonder Vera recommended this lake to us!
I like this picture of meadow flowers that Darrell took.  I think they are heavily grazed which of course affects their species composition - but they look quite lovely!

Alpine meadow
The last picture is my favorite.  There are not many more beautiful things than a high alpine lake...

Just makes you want to break into a yodel!

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