Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Clearly my life has already become mundane and monotonous, not to mention repetitive and redundant.  I mean all I do is go for long walks with my mouth wide open.  So, I decided to do some thematic blogs so you can be amazed by Bern's beauty in small doses.  We will start with gates.  Okay, gates, and fences, and handles, and even a window thing-a-ma-bob.  You'll see.  Here we go.

Looks friendly and welcoming except for the spikes at the top
Stonework and metal work
And one with a garden arch
Fence details can be ornate as well
Not to mention gate handles
And window shutter holders

And now to put it all together...
Notice gate, mailbox, stair railing, window, porch and awning!
And now it is time to go out for another quotidian walk - with mouth agape!

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  1. LOVING this blog Mindy! Keep it up.